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Author:  admin [ Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  ClickCartPro 5.1

Please note that is code has not been fully tested. Please respond to this message with any problems. Thanks MyGiftList Support!

To integrate MyGiftList with a site that uses the ClickCartPro Shopping Cart,, cut and paste the "Add to MyGiftList" HTML code below and paste after the </form> end tag in the Product Detail template that you are using for your store.

After you login to your Admin, go to the Main Menu, then select HTML Pages and Elements, then select Manage Product Detail Displays, select the Update link for the Product Detail Display you are using in your store, and then add the below code to the bottom of the code that is displayed and hit submit.

Remember to change "Your Affiliate ID" below to your MyGiftList Affiliate ID and "Your Store Name" below to the name of your store.

<!-- BEGIN MyGiftList Code ---------------------------------------------------------------------
--  change giftRetailer value below from "Your Store Name" to the name of your store
--  change refsource value below from "Your Affiliate ID" to your MyGiftList Affiliate ID
<form action= method=post target=MGL>
<td width=90 align=right>
<input type=hidden name=giftRetailer value="Your Store Name">
<input type=hidden name=RefSource value="Your Affiliate ID">
<textarea rows=1 cols=10 name=giftName style="display:none">(CGIVAR)product_name(/CGIVAR)</textarea>
<input type=hidden name=giftPrice value="(CGIVAR)product_saleprice(/CGIVAR)">
<textarea rows=1 cols=10 name=giftDescription style="display:none">(CGIVAR)product_desclong(/CGIVAR)</textarea>
<input type=hidden name=giftURL value="">
<input type=hidden name=giftImage value='(CGIVAR)product_imglg(/CGIVAR)'>
<input type=image src= width=68 height=26 border=0 alt="Click to Add to MyGiftList!" onclick=javascript:clickcartproMGLpopup(this.form);>

<script language=javascript>
function clickcartproMGLpopup(f) {
   f.giftURL.value = document.URL;
   var w ='', "MGL", "width=600,height=400,top=60,left=100,resizable,scrollbars");
<!-- END MyGiftList Code ------------------------------------------------------------------->

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